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  • Level 3 Vocational Programmes - Overview

    Level 3 Vocational Programmes - Overview


Alongside the A level programme, Braintree Sixth Form offers a range of level 3 vocational programmes which are regarded as equivalent to A Level courses by employers, training providers and universities.

Students can choose to study a number of vocational courses or combine their vocational studies with one or more A Levels.

Braintree Sixth Form offers the following vocational qualifications:

  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificates
  • OCR Level 3 Technical Certificates
  • WJEC Applied Diplomas

All vocational programmes are equivalent to A Levels in their rigour and challenge. They are assessed at the same intellectual level as with A Levels. They therefore require the same dedication and commitment as A levels.

Level 3 Vocational Programmes Assessment

The big difference between an A Level and vocational course is in their delivery and assessment.

Vocational programmes are continually assessed over two years through coursework activities, external examinations and externally set tasks.

Examinations and set tasks will be completed in year 12 and 13 and these contribute to your final grade. There may be an opportunity to re-sit external examinations in some cases. Examinations will form at least 25% of your final grade.

Coursework portfolios are completed in controlled conditions throughout the course and have exact deadlines which must be adhered to. In most cases, re-submissions are not allowed. When completing assessment activities strict rules regarding how much help can be given have to be applied.

Prior to an assessment, you will undertake learning and coursework preparation tasks that are designed to develop your understanding of the relevant vocational sector and enable you to apply your knowledge to a vocational scenario.

Throughout any course you will undertake individual research, note taking, group work and presentation activities.

If you prefer a more practical, applied course with continuous assessment, a vocational programme could be the right choice for you.

Admission Requirements

Vocational Programmes Offered

We are pleased to be able to offer the following vocational programmes as part of our key stage 5 curriculum offer:

BTEC Extended Certificates in:

OCR Level 3 Technical Certificates in:

WJEC Applied Diploma in:

Entry Requirements for Vocational Programmes

Vocational Level 3 programmes are challenging, require specific skills, and commitment for their successful competition, as well as an academic ability to tackle them.

A successful vocational student will:

  • Have gained 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) grades at 4-9
  • Have strong literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  • Have good organisation and planning skills to manage coursework portfolios
  • Be able to undertake independent academic research
  • Be able to work consistently well and be organised in order to meet coursework deadlines

You are advised to look at the relevant subject page for additional information about each vocational programme offered at Braintree Sixth Form.

Vocational Programmes and UCAS points

All vocational programmes attract UCAS points, on the same scale as A Levels. Although vocational qualifications are accepted by all universities, you are advised to check the exact entry requirement for a specific university, or higher education course.

The UCAS points awarded for vocational programmes is set out in the table:

Extended Certificate

Technical Certificates

Applied Diploma

UCAS Points