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  • Sixth Form Prefects

    Sixth Form Prefects

Welcome from George Brinkley and Emily Crouchman.

My name is George and I’m currently studying English Literature and Language, Art and Design and Product Design: working towards A*s in each with the hope of then moving on to complete a degree in either Design or Fine Art at university. When choosing my options for higher education, Braintree Sixth Form was always my first choice due to the wide variety of subjects on offer that fulfilled my desire to pursue a career path centred on creativity. With no pressure to study four subjects, I have been able to hone my interests and better realise my passion for the problem-solving aspect of Art and Design. All the while, I have improved the confidence of my practice and furthered my skills in presentation and public speaking thanks to the support of my peers, teachers, and the pastoral staff here at Braintree Sixth Form. Being able to socialise in the many available study areas outside of lessons has really helped to build a sense of community amongst  students, which, coupled with the encouragement of our teachers, has made my time here an enjoyable journey wherein every day feels like a new opportunity to succeed and excel. As a Head Prefect, I am truly honoured to have the privilege of representing the Sixth Form in a role where I have been able to gift to others the same encouragement and inspiration that my friends and teachers have gifted to me.

George Brinkley, Head Prefect

George Brinkley

Head Prefect

I am Emily and I am one of the Head Prefects at Braintree Sixth Form. I'm currently studying A levels in Maths, Physics and Product Design. Choosing Braintree Sixth Form allowed me to study within a familiar environment; whether you’ve come from Notley or another school, it's easy to become comfortable in our small community due to the friendly faces you see every day. There is a lot of support that you can find from the pastoral team, whether you want to get some extra help or just need someone to talk to.  Knowing who you can go to for more help, like your tutors who you see every morning, is one of the things that makes it feel like a supportive community. Seeing my tutor in the mornings has helped me develop an understanding of what I would really want to do with my future. She has helped me with writing covering letters and the Head of Sixth Form, in completing my CV which I have sent in for my applications for apprenticeships. This helped me get a head start with my applications for a role as an engineering apprentice.

In Braintree Sixth Form, you have the freedom to find the place you’re most comfortable in, with Café 6 being one of my favourite places to be with my friends, whether I’m studying or relaxing in my free time. There's also the common room, which is a popular place to study or socialize, and the library which has different areas for independent or group study. There are plenty of opportunities available to develop as a person; for example, this could be through taking advantage of the different work experience opportunities that are emailed in the bulletin every Friday or organizing your own work experience such as being a teaching assistant in the lower school or a primary school.

In my experience, this sixth form is a community of acceptance and inclusivity and I am honoured to represent it as Head Prefect.  

Emily Crouchman, Head Prefect

Emily Crouchman

Head Prefect

Prefect Team 2023-24

Thomas Cockayne, Deputy Head Prefect
Thomas Cockayne

Deputy Head Prefect

Ruby Filmer, Deputy Head Prefect
Ruby Filmer

Deputy Head Prefect

Oliver Klymchuk, Diversity Prefect
Oliver Klymchuk

Diversity Prefect

Tawana-Aimee Mutsando, Diversity Prefect
Tawana-Aimee Mutsando

Diversity Prefect

Lucy Williamson, Social Prefect & External Ambassador
Lucy Williamson

Social Prefect & External Ambassador

Caitlan Goodwin, Social Prefect
Caitlan Goodwin

Social Prefect

Ruby-Mae Proctor, Social Prefect
Ruby-Mae Proctor

Social Prefect

Millie Dowman, Charity Prefect
Millie Dowman

Charity Prefect

Harry Edwards, Environmental Prefect
Harry Edwards

Environmental Prefect 

Charlotte Summers, Environmental Prefect
Charlotte Summers

Environmental Prefect

Holly Farrell, School Council Prefect
Holly Farrell

School Council Prefect

Josh Hooks, School Council Prefect
Josh Hooks

School Council Prefect

Sophie Bartlett, Mental Health Prefects
Sophie Bartlett

Mental Health Prefect

Sophia Ozar, Mental Health Prefect
Sophia Ozar

Mental Health Prefect

Alfie, Potter, Mental Health Prefect
Alfie Potter

Mental Health Prefect

Ellena Fisk, House Prefects & External Ambassador
Ellena Fisk

House Prefects & External Ambassador

John Akinniyi, House Prefect
John Akinniyi

House Prefect

Josh Nicol, Sports Prefect
Josh Nicol

Sports Prefect

Caitlin Whitaker, Sports Prefect
Caitlin Whitaker

Sports Prefect