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  • Sixth Form Prefects

    Sixth Form Prefects

Welcome from Alexander Hope and Kate Ager.

We are the Head Prefects at Braintree Sixth Form. We are proud to have been chosen to represent our Sixth Form both in and outside of school and to tell you about life in the Sixth Form from a student's perspective. Every day is different, with new opportunities for us to expand our knowledge and make us more aware of the world around us.

I am Alex and I’m currently working towards grades A*AA; I hope to study Automotive Engineering at university.  With no pressure to do four subjects, Braintree Sixth Form offered me all of the subjects I was interested in and has further developed my interest in those subjects to take them to degree level. Studying Maths, Further Maths and Physics, my interest was always heavily mathematics biased, but the support from Braintree Sixth Form helped me to realise my passion for engineering and solving real-world problems. I’ve had a great time here, spending my time collaborating with my friends for group work and working independently to achieve my goals with the support of my teachers. Our Sixth Form really does live up to its motto of ‘Sixth Form success in a school setting’ – there is a real sense of community here, the teachers are supportive, and everyone wants you to succeed. Our Sixth Form offers loads of support to help us throughout our time here and beyond and I feel really privileged to be able to represent this Sixth Form as the Head Prefect.

Alexander Hope, Head Prefect

Alexander Hope

Head Prefect

I am Kate and I am studying A levels in Sociology and Media and a BTEC in Sport. I also feel really privileged to have the role of Head Prefect. I am really enjoying my time at Braintree Sixth Form. The pastoral support we receive and the support from the teachers is great. They are so welcoming and smiling when you arrive in the morning and are always there to listen or give advice - no matter how big or small. This is something I try to emulate in my role as Head Prefect. A big part of what makes our Sixth Form such a great place is the range of subjects on offer, the excellent outcomes and strong pastoral support; however, it is also things like the social life, the common room and a huge range of clubs and opportunities that we are provided with, whether it be working as an academic tutor, being part of the wider prefect team or competing for one of our sports team. I have enjoyed taking part in charity fundraising events, competing for our Netball team and being part of, and leading, the prefect team,  in addition to taking part in big events such as the enterprise fair that are run as part of the personal development programme. This Sixth Form has a lot to offer, and you do feel like part of a family. I am thankful to have played a role in supporting these opportunities to continue for all future students.

Kate Ager, Head Prefect

Kate Ager

Head Prefect

Prefect Team 2022-23

Dominic Agutter, Deputy Head Prefect
Dominic Agutter

Deputy Head Prefect

Georgia Parsons, Deputy Head Prefect
Georgia Parsons

Deputy Head Prefect

Amelia Appleyard, Social Prefect
Amelia Appleyard

Social Prefect

Ellie Barwick, Social Prefect
Ellie Barwick

Social Prefect

Teagan Bownes, Mental Health Prefect
Teagan Bownes

Mental Health Prefect

Michaela Clarke, Parks House Prefect
Michaela Clarke

Parks House Prefect

Chloe Coleman, Sport Prefect
Chloe Coleman

Sport Prefect

Katie Donaldson, Student Council Prefect/Cavell House Prefect
Katie Donaldson

Student Council Prefect/Cavell House Prefect

Ben Hood, Charity Prefect
Ben Hood

Charity Prefect 

Carlos Jardim, Turing House Prefect
Carlos Jardim

Turing House Prefect

Sarah McDonald, Diversity Prefect
Sarah McDonald

Diversity Prefect

Amie Plumer, Environmental Prefect
Amie Plumer

Environmental Prefect

Maisie Smith, Student Council Prefect/Franklin House Prefect
Maisie Smith

Student Council Prefect/Franklin House Prefect

Lauren Todd, Mental Health Prefect
Lauren Todd

Mental Health Prefect