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A Week

  • A Level Sociology

    A Level Sociology


Sociology is about you. It is to help you have a wider knowledge and understanding of the society in which you live. As members of society all students should come to the course equipped with some knowledge of the social world, but through the study of sociology they will develop a deeper understanding of this social world and examine issues that directly affect the way of life in Britain. During the course the students examine the topics of families and households, education and sociological methods, beliefs in society, crime and deviance, theory and methods. The course enables students to consolidate their knowledge of contemporary social processes.

Entry Requirements

Students should have a GCSE grade 6 in Sociology, or higher, or a grade 6 in a Humanities subject or English.

Curriculum Overview & Exam Information

We have included curriculum overviews as well as exam information to support students and parents/carers to have a better and broader understanding of how learning develops in each year group. The curriculum overview documents below indicate: the knowledge, skills and understanding that students will gain, how this unit builds on prior learning, and what mastery will look like for each year group. This year, we have added a catch up summary at the beginning to outline how we will catch up on lost learning during school closure. The red writing also indicates where the curriculum has been changed this academic year to support student catch up.