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  • A Level Further Mathematics

    A Level Further Mathematics


Students with a particular interest in mathematics can choose to take a second A Level in Maths called Further Maths, with some choosing this as a fourth A Level. Further Mathematicians, as well as learning additional compulsory topics in pure maths such as complex numbers and proof by induction get a choice of studying further statistics, mechanics or decision maths. Many topics will require students to apply their knowledge to solving real world problems such modelling the motion of a diving board as a second order differential equation.

Students who do not need a full A Level in Further Maths but are interested in going beyond A Level Maths can follow the course for the first year in order to obtain an AS qualification in the subject.

Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 8 is required. Note that students opting to take Further Mathematics must also take A Level Mathematics as a separate option.

Curriculum Overview & Exam Information

We have included curriculum overviews as well as exam information to support students and parents/carers to have a better and broader understanding of how learning develops in each year group. The curriculum overview documents below indicate: the knowledge, skills and understanding that students will gain, how this unit builds on prior learning, and what mastery will look like for each year group.