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  • A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

    A Level Drama and Theatre Studies


Study of this course will offer a deeper insight into how theatre is used as a tool to communicate meaning. This will be explored through the study of play texts from both pre and post 1956, a time of great change in theatrical culture, practical exploration of a range of theatre practices, movements and styles as well as collaborative work with others in devising their own performances from given stimuli. Students will participate in teacher-led workshops, theoretical study and theatre visits to deepen their understanding of how theatre works and the role it plays in society today, as well as throughout history. The course provides opportunity for students to question a variety of topics, using research to support their understanding and come to their own conclusions. We promote a holistic approach in developing the student to their potential and believe this course provides the relevant skills that will prove to be rewarding and valuable for their future.

Entry Requirements

A grade 5 in GCSE Drama is required.

Curriculum Overview & Exam Information

We have included curriculum overviews as well as exam information to support students and parents/carers to have a better and broader understanding of how learning develops in each year group. The curriculum overview documents below indicate: the knowledge, skills and understanding that students will gain, how this unit builds on prior learning, and what mastery will look like for each year group.