B Week

B Week

Apply to study at Braintree Sixth Form
in 2022

Applications close on 28 January 2022


Apply to study at Braintree Sixth Form in 2022

Don't miss your opportunity to apply to study at Braintree Sixth Form in September 2022!

You can apply online today; applications close on 28 January 2022. Click the link below for details. 

If you would like to be shown around the sixth form, please email lois.turner@braintreesixthform.com to arrange a time.

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Braintree Sixth Form is a leading provider of A Level and Applied General courses in the local area. Our varied and challenging curriculum prepares students for their chosen pathways post‑Year 13.

Students are encouraged to succeed via a wide range of learning opportunities which they can both excel in and enjoy. Supportive staff and engaging lessons, alongside extra-curricular opportunities ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge they need for success and progression.

Welcome to BSF

This is a

B Week

Next week will be an A Week

The sixth form operates on a two-week cycle, with the weeks identified as A and B. It is vitally important that students are aware of when each timetable week is operating.


Parents / Carers

University Progression

Parents / Carers

University Progression



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Download our prospectus

Our packed prospectus will show you just why you should choose Braintree Sixth Form as the place to spend the next two years of your studies.

Languages give you so many skills which you will be able to use in the future. You broaden your knowledge of communication and culture. 

Abby – Year 12

I wanted to do Physics at uni and Further Maths gave me a lot more choices of universities to apply to – and I got offers from all five!

Alex – Year 13
Braintree Sixth Form Prospectus