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  • Student Dress Code

    Student Dress Code

Our dress code at Braintree Sixth Form is Modest, Appropriate and Professional. We want our students to be comfortable and feel able to express themselves as they choose. There will be occasions where smarter dress is expected, for example when representing the school at events or speaking in assemblies. The sixth form students are role models for the younger students at Notley High School and thus adherence to the expectations of modesty, appropriateness and professionalism is important.

This Code is designed to guide students on the expected standards of dress and appearance. It is not exhaustive in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance and students should use common sense in adhering to the principles underpinning the Code.


Nobody should be able to see up, down, under or through your clothes.

Very short shorts and skirts should not be worn; skirts and shorts should be long enough to cover bottoms whilst sitting down and be nearer the knee than the bottom.

No crop tops or strapless tops should be worn.

If leggings are worn, a top should cover the entire bottom area.


The lanyard and ID badge must be worn around the neck at all times and be visible.

Sportswear will not be permitted, except where students are involved in PE lessons. This includes jogging bottoms and sports leggings.

Clothing which advocates illegal acts or hate crimes, or any clothing that references drugs, profanities or shows other inappropriate imagery should not be worn.

No flip flops, crocs, sliders or very high heels should be worn.

Jewellery, make up and fake nails are permitted but you may be asked to remove some items for lessons which have health and safety reasons requirements (e.g. Science, Art, PE). Facial piercings, including those on the tongue, are not permitted.

Hair should be neat and tidy and extreme hairstyles are not considered appropriate. We subscribe to the Halo Code.


Clothes must be clean and in a good state of repair; ripped jeans cannot be worn.

Shorts should be tailored.

Any questions about the dress code should be directed to the Head of Sixth Form, as should any queries about reasonable adjustment on medical or religious grounds. If students are judged to be dressed inappropriately, they will be spoken to by a member of staff in the first instance. Where students break this code on more than one occasion, they will be asked to go home and change.

Procedures for Dress Code Infringements 

1st infringement

Spoken to verbally (recorded on Arbor, PM to Action).

2nd infringement

Comment on Arbor – Dress issue – (recorded on Arbor, PM to Action).

3rd infringement 

E-mail sent home copying in parents/carers E-mail sent home copying in parents/carers Monitoring email sent to all other staff, tutors, Pastoral Manager and Head of Sixth Form.

4th Infringement or serious infringement

Asked to leave premises to change – email to be sent stating the reasons why.

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