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  • About Braintree Sixth Form

    About Braintree Sixth Form

Welcome to Braintree Sixth Form. Our main priority at the Sixth Form is that our students are happy and successful. We believe that students will achieve far more if they are in an environment in which they are happy, known and valued. Braintree Sixth Form is a welcoming community for all students, and a Sixth form that cares about every student.

A particular strength of our Sixth form is the pastoral support we offer. Whilst we know that students coming out of year 11 are keen to enjoy more autonomy and independence, we also know that they still require support and guidance. We have a large team of tutors to offer that support, who will meet with each student individually at least once a half term in order to check how they are doing, monitor their progress and help them set targets to achieve their goals.

We have a dedicated team of experienced Sixth Form teachers, who aim to bring out the best in our students and support them fully academically. Each lesson is planned and delivered to a high standard and taught by enthusiastic teachers who create a supportive environment which enables effective learning.

We are proud of the high outcomes achieved by our students. Our post-16 provision includes a wide range A-level and Level 3 BTEC courses for students who would like to continue their studies on a traditionally academic pathway or take a more practical approach to learning; or even a combination of the two. We also offer the opportunity to take an EPQ.

Alongside the academic gains made by our students, they are also equipped with a range of skills and competencies such as resilience, independence, and professionalism that prepare them for success in the wider world. Our Sixth Form students are offered lots of opportunities to develop these skills through our Personal Development programme which includes units on developing financial skills, employment rights, applying for courses and jobs, interview practice, living independently, as well as helping them with time management and study skills. As part of this programme our students are fully advised on progression options that are available to them and are supported in their pursuit of securing places at university, in apprenticeships or the workplace.

In addition to their academic studies, our Sixth Form provides students with a wide range of opportunities to be involved in all aspects of student life. Many of our students enjoy taking an active role in the sixth form prefect team, being a mental health ambassador, a student mentor or taking advantage of the plethora of enrichment activities we have on offer. We always have exciting opportunities and this year we are excited to be partnering with Tottenham Hotspur to offer a new programme of study that combines academic study with playing football and to be providing students with the opportunity to take part in the World Challenge.

We are confident that students will feel welcome here and part of a family, and they will leave Braintree Sixth Form as a well-rounded individual, with academic success, feeling prepared for their next steps and also with some lasting memories. 

Please do contact us to come and experience for yourself the ethos of our Sixth Form. We look forward to welcoming you into our Sixth Form Community.