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  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy
    Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Policy Statement

We will not tolerate the misuse of drugs within the school and its grounds nor by studentseither representing the school out of school hours or on any school organised trips or visits.This applies also to any adult or persons who may come onto the school site and may be intoxicated and/or in possession of illegal drugs. Our school is a no-smoking area and we request that all adults refrain from smoking on or around the premises. This has been extended to include use of the premises by groups out of normal school hours. We recognised that some of our students and parents need a variety of medicines and appropriate arrangements are made to enable the correct distribution of these. The Drug Policy is part of our overall approach to health and well-being. Through our Personal Development curriculum (PDT) and through our school ethos, we aim to ensure that students recognise the importance of what they eat and drink and the effect that this can have. Self-respect and a healthy lifestyle are all part of an approach which will enable our students to make the right choices for themselves and their families now and in the future.It is important to note that the school see inappropriate drug use by students as something to be challenged and changes in behaviour sought through support and counselling wherever possible. It is likely however, that any student found to have been distributing illegal drugs, whether or not in return for payment, will be excluded from school and the police contacted.

Definition of “Drugs” for the benefit of this policy

  • The term “drugs” refers to:
  • All illegal drugs.
  • All legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, volatile substance abuse and novel psychoactive substances (‘legal highs’)
  • All over the counter and prescription medicines.

*Please note that the school also bans all e-cigarettes and all electronic smoking devices.

Aims of the Policy

Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form believes that as part of the care and welfare of its students it has a duty to:

  • Increase students’ knowledge and understanding and to clarify their misconceptions about drugs.
  • Develop students’ personal and social skills to enable them to make informed decisions and keep themselves safe and healthy.
  • Enable students to explore their own and other people’s attitude towards drugs, drug use and drug users.
  • Ensure the safety of staff and students when on school site or when on any school trip or visit, residential or otherwise.

To download a full copy of the policy click the link below