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A Week

  • COVID19: Re-opening Risk Assessment and Action Plan
    COVID19: Re-opening Risk Assessment and Action Plan

This COVID19: Risk Assessment and Action Plan document sets out the decisions taken and measures put in place by NEMAT to support schools in preparing a for the full reopening of Schools in September 2020 and to ensure both the trust and its schools continue to operate in a safe way.

The risk assessment has been updated to take into account the change in restrictions from Monday 17th March 2021.

This NHS-BSF Risk Assessment and Action Plan should be read in conjunction with the Health and Safety and HR FAQs document as well as NEMAT COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Action Plan, to reflect the combined approach to mitigating risk across the trust.

In addition, all members of staff should familiarise themselves with the NEMAT supplementary health and safety policy in recognition of the current circumstances due to COVID-19. The supplementary policy sets out the arrangements in relation to the health and safety of our children, staff and the wider school community during this time. The policy also documents the specific roles and responsibilities of all school staff.