A Week

A Week

  • A Level Religious Studies

    A Level Religious Studies


The overall aims of this course are to provide an understanding of some key issues in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and thereby develop students’ capacity for creating coherent and carefully balanced argument. Students will have the chance to develop transferable skills that will be invaluable for whatever university course or career they may choose in the future. They will be able to think more clearly and logically, spot flaws in arguments and express themselves fairly but firmly in group discussions. They will find themselves having impassioned discussions inside and outside the classroom as they follow in the footsteps of some of the great thinkers.

Entry Requirements

Students should have a GCSE grade 5 in Religious Studies or a similar subject, e.g. History or English.

Curriculum Overview & Exam Information

We have included curriculum overviews as well as exam information to support students and parents/carers to have a better and broader understanding of how learning develops in each year group. The curriculum overview documents below indicate: the knowledge, skills and understanding that students will gain, how this unit builds on prior learning, and what mastery will look like for each year group.

Learning Journey